Moon Days

In this practice we follow the moon’s cycles and how changes in its gravitational pull affect the tides, the movement of water within the earth, plants, organisms, and within our bodies. We honor this connection by resting on new and full moon days. On moon days practitioners are encouraged to dive deeper into other aspects of their practice: meditation, self-care, and the limbs and sub-limbs of Ashtanga yoga.

Menstruating practitioners will find they naturally begin to sync with the moon’s cycles and are encouraged to take additional rest and engage in gentle self-care for the first 3 days of their cycle. 

● New Moon - Tuesday, October 25th
○ Full Moon - Tuesday, November 8th

● New Moon - Wednesday, November 23rd
○ Full Moon - Wednesday, December 7th

● New Moon - Friday, December 23rd

○ Full Moon - Friday, January 6th

● New Moon - Saturday, January 21st

○ Full Moon - Sunday, February 5th

● New Moon - Sunday, February 19th

○ Full Moon - Tuesday, March 7th

● New Moon - Tuesday, March 21st

○ Full Moon - Wednesday, April 5th