Shala Schedule:

☾ Mondays - ♀ Fridays
6-7:30AM— ✶ Jim
7 :30-9AM— ❀ Michelle

Led primary series on the last Friday of every month
7:30-9AM - 𖤓 Nina

✭Practice with us!✭
M-F 6-9am: 2810 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039 (silverlake yoga)

Returning/Established practitioners (individuals already familiar with the primary series) are welcome to join as monthly/weekly members or for drop-in. Returning practitioners should plan to complete their practice by 9am. One of our teachers (see schedule above) will be available teach and support wherever needed.

New students are asked to begin on Monday mornings. You should be able to commit to 5 initial days (M-F/excluding moon days) of practice and choose a daily start time of either 6am or 7:30am. You can expect your practice to start at 30 minutes for the first week and extend to about an hour as you progress along the series.